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Matt Barker
t/a AggyMatt Media, Kent United Kingdom


After starting to create videos in 2011 and winning my first film award for best F.E International Documentary at Birmingham Film Festival, my passion for video creating has grown more and more each year. I had the privilege of winning the Heart FM Creative Media Award in 2013 for a Music Video I produced which was featured on TV with more to follow.


2012 was when I was introduced into the wedding world and began to put my stamp and creative style into the wedding industry. Wedding Videography was a new chapter of creativity for myself and learnt a lot in my first two years. Within my first two years I was overwhelmed with winning more film awards locally which included Best New Wedding Videographer. In 2014 I had started making particular type of Wedding Video know as as a "Marryoke." At the time I had no idea what this video was and began researching ways in which I could put my stamp on this particular style of video. Through hard work and persistence and an immense amount of fun.... The Marryoke style video has become one of my most popular videos I have the honour of making and I am a featured vendor in Rock 'n' Roll Bride magazine.

I owe a huge amount of thanks to all the Bride's and Groom's that have put their trust and faith in me, and I have been fortunate to have travelled abroad several times including Ibiza, South of France and covering all over the UK. 

Now with almost 10 years experience and covering hundreds of Wedding's, featured music videos on TV and broadcasting platforms as well as helping business's grow with advertising, I am looking forward to what the next 10 years hold. 

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